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Another Monday

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Is it just me, or does anyone else have an issue with Monday and how the coming weeks events and deadlines play havoc on the mind when you first open your eyes?

Oh the agony!  And before the first cup of coffee in the morning.!

I wished my brain would just take a chill pill on this particular day and just go with the flow and allow me to take things as they come.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Nuru massage

I get tired of being asked limitless questions and having my time wasted when it comes to this particular type of sensual massage, so I have eliminated it from my packages.

Because of all the videos that men look at out of curiousity, does not mean that all women who offer this service are going to give you what your eyes are seeing.   It is a sensual body slide and I offered nothing more with it.  Only the massage experience itself.

Yes it was the same as a normal companionship session only because the gel is ordered online and is costly, as well as the mattress and other components that go with it.  The hobby is expensive enough having to pay for hotel rooms, pictures, advertising. The list goes on.

Rant over...

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It has been a while

I have been rooted in Biloxi since my summer traveling came to a halt and I must say it has been nice to be home for the most part.  Back to daily routines of motherhood and other responsibilities.   The small things I wouldn't trade for all the greater pleasures in this world.

It is overwhelming at times, for a mother, to sit back and just watch how a small life transitions into a teenager.  Realizing how it all unravels into these individual beings, traits and characteristics derived from us, but in the same token...completely different at the same time.  Yes, I'm a sentimentalist.  I take all of my memories and hold them dear, tucked away in their own little box.  Pull them out from time to time; reveling in all the accomplishments, cherishing the laughter and experiences, and simply sit back in awe over the many things we do in this life...and wonder what is yet to come. The next leaf in our own personal chapter.

I grasp that each day is a fresh and new blank page, and need to make the most of it before my eyes close.

Here's to a new Monday, a new beginning and a fresh cup of coffee to help me kick today's butt!

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